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Imagine having a partner who's as invested in growing your business as you are. That's us.

We're not just about increasing numbers; we're about opening doors to new opportunities and building relationships that last. With our account managers working closely with you, we're all about maximizing your potential through a truly collaborative approach.

We're always on the pulse of the latest trends, ensuring you get a steady flow of offers that are not just desirable but also scalable. We get the challenges you face as an affiliate and are here to offer strategic solutions tailored just for you.

Our goal? To align you with the right brands, verticals and offers that turn your vision into reality. Let's make it happen together.

Why MediaScalers?

We have over 25 years of experience in Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation, Product Development, Sales & Fulfillment, Data Management and Media Buying. We know what is important to you, and how to help you succeed.

Weekly Payments

Get paid every week, the first week. No more "Scaling up" for better terms, or pausing your media spend while waiting to get paid.

Top Offers

Easy access to industry leading top offers, and constantly added new offers. Can't find something you're looking for? Let us know.

Top Payouts

The hottest offers at the best payouts! If you find an offer somewhere else, at a better payout, let us know. We can almost always beat it.

VIP Treatment

Whether you are an Super Star Affiliate or are just getting started, get what you need when you need it to maximize your business.

Personal Support

Your personal Account Manager and their team are always available. Easily reachable by Skype, Telegram or email.

Regular Audits

We automatically audit and add any missing conversion data from our partners, so don't worry about internet hiccups and failed postbacks.

What offers do we have?

All of them might be a stretch, but, yeah.



  Careers & Jobs

Ecommerce & Shopping

  Gadgets & Devices

Health & Wellness

  Senior Care

Home Services

  Improvement & Services




  Legal and Claims

Lifestyle & Leisure

  Food & Cooking
  Holidays & Seasonal
  Online Services
  Surveys & Sweepstakes
  Travel & Vacations

Money & Finance

  Auto Finance
  Credit Cards
  Credit Score & Credit Repair
  Crypto & Bitcoin
  Debt Settlement
  Finance & Mortgage

Personal Services




Where do we have offers?



  • Angola  Angola
  • Egypt  Egypt
  • Libya  Libya
  • Malawi  Malawi
  • Nigeria  Nigeria
  • Seychelles  Seychelles
  • South+Africa  South Africa
  • South+Sudan  South Sudan


  • Albania  Albania
  • Andorra  Andorra
  • Austria  Austria
  • Belarus  Belarus
  • Belgium  Belgium
  • Bosnia+and+Herzegovina  Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria  Bulgaria
  • Croatia  Croatia
  • Cyprus  Cyprus
  • Czechia  Czechia
  • Denmark  Denmark
  • Estonia  Estonia
  • Finland  Finland
  • France  France
  • Germany  Germany
  • Gibraltar  Gibraltar
  • Greece  Greece
  • Guernsey  Guernsey
  • Hungary  Hungary
  • Iceland  Iceland
  • Ireland  Ireland
  • Italy  Italy
  • Latvia  Latvia
  • Liechtenstein  Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania  Lithuania
  • Luxembourg  Luxembourg
  • Malta  Malta
  • Monaco  Monaco
  • Netherlands  Netherlands
  • Norway  Norway
  • Poland  Poland
  • Portugal  Portugal
  • Republic+of+North+Macedonia  Republic of North Macedonia
  • Romania  Romania
  • San+Marino  San Marino
  • Serbia  Serbia
  • Slovakia  Slovakia
  • Slovenia  Slovenia
  • Spain  Spain
  • Sweden  Sweden
  • Switzerland  Switzerland
  • Turkey  Turkey
  • Ukraine  Ukraine

Middle East

  • Afghanistan  Afghanistan
  • Bahrain  Bahrain
  • Iran  Iran
  • Iraq  Iraq
  • Israel  Israel
  • Jordan  Jordan
  • Kuwait  Kuwait
  • Lebanon  Lebanon
  • Oman  Oman
  • Pakistan  Pakistan
  • Qatar  Qatar
  • Saudi+Arabia  Saudi Arabia
  • Syrian+Arab+Republic  Syrian Arab Republic
  • Turkmenistan  Turkmenistan
  • United+Arab+Emirates  United Arab Emirates
  • Yemen  Yemen

North America

  • Canada  Canada
  • Greenland  Greenland
  • United+States+of+America  United States of America

North Asia

  • Kazakhstan  Kazakhstan
  • Russia  Russia


  • American+Samoa  American Samoa
  • Australia  Australia
  • Cook+Islands  Cook Islands
  • Fiji  Fiji
  • Guam  Guam
  • Indonesia  Indonesia
  • Malaysia  Malaysia
  • New+Caledonia  New Caledonia
  • New+Zealand  New Zealand
  • Papua+New+Guinea  Papua New Guinea
  • Timor%2DLeste  Timor-Leste

South America

  • Anguilla  Anguilla
  • Antigua+and+Barbuda  Antigua and Barbuda
  • Argentina  Argentina
  • Aruba  Aruba
  • Bahamas  Bahamas
  • Barbados  Barbados
  • Belize  Belize
  • Bermuda  Bermuda
  • Bolivia  Bolivia
  • Brazil  Brazil
  • Cayman+Islands  Cayman Islands
  • Chile  Chile
  • Colombia  Colombia
  • Costa+Rica  Costa Rica
  • Cuba  Cuba
  • Dominica  Dominica
  • Dominican+Republic  Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador  Ecuador
  • El+Salvador  El Salvador
  • Falkland+Islands+%5BMalvinas%5D  Falkland Islands [Malvinas]
  • French+Guiana  French Guiana
  • Grenada  Grenada
  • Guatemala  Guatemala
  • Guyana  Guyana
  • Honduras  Honduras
  • Jamaica  Jamaica
  • Mexico  Mexico
  • Nicaragua  Nicaragua
  • Panama  Panama
  • Paraguay  Paraguay
  • Peru  Peru
  • Puerto+Rico  Puerto Rico
  • Saint+Kitts+and+Nevis  Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Saint+Lucia  Saint Lucia
  • Suriname  Suriname
  • Turks+and+Caicos+Islands  Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Uruguay  Uruguay
  • Venezuela  Venezuela
  • Virgin+Islands+%28British%29  Virgin Islands (British)
  • Virgin+Islands+%28U%2ES%2E%29  Virgin Islands (U.S.)

South Asia

  • Armenia  Armenia
  • Bangladesh  Bangladesh
  • Bhutan  Bhutan
  • Brunei+Darussalam  Brunei Darussalam
  • Cambodia  Cambodia
  • China  China
  • Georgia  Georgia
  • Hong+Kong  Hong Kong
  • India  India
  • Japan  Japan
  • Laos  Laos
  • Macao  Macao
  • Myanmar  Myanmar
  • Nepal  Nepal
  • North+Korea  North Korea
  • Philippines  Philippines
  • Singapore  Singapore
  • South+Korea  South Korea
  • Taiwan  Taiwan
  • Thailand  Thailand
  • Viet+Nam  Viet Nam